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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Work to do at home...

A message from Mr Morris and the Y6 Team

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Work to do at home this week

WC: 23.03.20


Hi!  We are missing all of you in Bluebirds and Ospreys.  Here is some work to do at home if possible this week, but please remember to look after yourself and your family as a priority.  

Remember, you do not need to do all the work - you may do more or less depending on confident you feel with it.  You can also develop your own projects if you wish (Mr Morris' children have decided to practise cooking and shoelace-tying as well!)  Please stay safe and we'll have more information soon.


Mr Morris, Miss Kyle, Mr Barber, Mrs Hosker and Mr Mitchell


Suggested Daily Timetable


While you are off school, it's still a good idea to try to keep to a routine as much as possible.  Here's a suggested timetable and you are, of course, welcome to draw up your own (Mr Morris's children have decided to do some Maths and English in the mornings and various project work in the afternoons).  If you go outside to exercise, remember to wash your hands and practise social distancing.

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Try to keep up with some reading every day.  If you want to try some reading comprehension, here's one about Fairtrade with a choice of questions.  Choose the level of questions which challenge you (one, two or three stars) - answers are included at the end as usual.





These worksheets reinforce our work on clauses (there are a couple of video links that you may find useful if you need to remind yourself what these are).  Please select the D, E or GD level of activity that you would usually do in class and complete the work in your homework books. 


What are phrases and clauses? | Oxford Owl

Learn how to use sentences, phrases and clauses with our fun animation. Perfect to help with grammar homework and to prepare for the Key Stage 2 SATs test. F...

What is a subordinate clause? | Oxford Owl

Learn the difference between a clause, a subordinate clause and a relative clause. Perfect to help with grammar homework and to prepare for the Key Stage 2 S...



This week we'll be looking at statistics - in particular line graphs and pie charts (the Maths knowledge organiser at the start will remind you what these are).  There are a number of differentiated worksheets below if you wish to have a go at them, and an end-of-week assessment to test your knowledge.  You could also have a go at creating your own line graph, pie chart or bar chart at home (subject of your choice).  Work is differentiated by difficulty (1, 2 or 3 stars, or D, E and GD as we use in class - choose the one that is right for your level of confidence).  There are also a couple of more challenging sheets if you feel ready for them!



Do you know how to draw an electrical circuit diagram using the correct symbols?  There are some activities, websites and videos below to help if you wish to research this (note that a 'cell' is an international term for a battery).  

How to draw an Electric Circuit diagram for Kids

Kids can learn about drawing circuit symbols and circuit diagrams in this short and simple educational video.




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Picture 2
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Picture 4

Following on from our Islamic Geometric DT project, could you have a go at making some more detailed designs on paper?  Here is a set of printable geometric shape papers (you could print or draw your own)  to make your own designs.  I've also included a few videos of artist Samira Mian showing you how some of the designs were created - these are quite tricky but I know that some of you might want to have a go?


Finally, I found a video asking, 'Was MC Escher influenced by Islamic geometric art?'  I know that several of you really enjoyed our MC Escher work in the autumn and might like to watch this.  Have fun!

#40 Draw an Islamic Geometric Pattern from the Alhambra, Granada.

This square pattern can be tiled easily to create a fuller pattern. To learn more about this and more Islamic Geometric patterns, visit

#12 Alhambra - How to draw Islamic Geometry - زخارف اسلامية هندسية

This pattern is from the Alhambra, Granada in Spain. And in the spirit of encouraging a bit more Islamic geometry in our lives... we have a little competitio...

#33 - A Fountain in Fes II - How to draw Islamic Geometry - زخارف اسلامية هندسية

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

MC Escher Inspired by Islamic Art?

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



Although we'll be missing Miss Kyle and Mr Standen teaching PE, you can have Joe Wicks instead.  As you probably know, the Body Coach has volunteered to run a 30 minute school workout every day at 9:00 am on his Youtube channel.  Here are a couple of his videos (an introduction and an old summer holiday workout for kids) - we'll add his new material as it becomes available.



Announcing "P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Starting Monday 23rd March I'm going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on my YouTube channel. With the schools closed and with us all spending ...

Kids Beginners Workout | The Body Coach

My friend Eva joined me for this super fun kids workout that's quick and easy. Try it at during the summer holiday with your family or friends 😊☀️

Other tasks you could do:
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