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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Work to do at home...

Work to do at home this week



Why not join the rainbow trail- paint/colour/create  a rainbow and place it in your window and make people smile.

This week, we would like you to complete these tasks...

1. Read a book.

2. Draw a picture of your favourite story.

3.Write a/some sentences (remember Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, correctly formed and read it back).

4. Practise writing numbers (forming them correctly)

5. Cut out and name basic  2 D shapes- squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, hexagons.

 Remember you need exercise- you could go for a walk- in a park,  at the nature reserve  or just out in the garden- remember to keep your distance from people- BUT  A SMILE AND WAVE  IS OKAY.


 We would love to see all your hard work, so keep it all safe so that you can bring them into school with you.

See you all soon.

Before 9.00am

Wake Up

 Wash-Eat breakfast,clean your teeth,  help make your bed, get dressed and put PJs in the laundry.


Physical activities

 Jo Wicks Workout,Family walk, yoga (cosmic kids on youtube).Wash your hands and have a drink of water.


Academic Time

Complete one of your set tasks, use the internet suggestions. Write down a list of things you have done or would like to do.


Lunch Time

 Wash your hands-Help prepare lunch, set the table.


Chore Time

Help to;

  • Wash up after lunch.
  • Tidy the house
  • Put away clean clothes


Quiet Time

Reading, puzzles, drawing, sit in the garden and listen to the environmental sounds. Bird spotting, listen to music. play a board game Facetime a friend/family member.


Academic Time

Work on your tasks, play online games, Watch educational TV show (alphablocks, numberjacks)


Afternoon Fresh Air

 Go for walk , spend some time in the garden,help put the washing out. do some gardening, play a ball game. make a mud kitchen, build a den.


Dinner Time

Wash your hands- help prepare dinner,  set the table, fill drinking cups with water. 


Free TV Time

Use this time to have a shower . As well as enjoying some of your favourite TV shows  RELAX, REST , READ AND SLEEP.

Useful Websites


Please continue to read a range of books either from your school collection or books that you have available at home. There are lots of free site online. 


David Walliams is streaming a free audio book each day for you to enjoy. 11am 

Oxford Owl offers free eBooks that follow the schools book banding system. All you have to do is create a Free Account.  

Collins Big Cat Ebooks are available online too. You will recognise as we have these books in school and they also follow the colour banding below.

To log in you will need to select the teacher log in option and enter the following details.

Login -

Password - Parents20! - Free parent access from home  – free parent access during school closures- lots of lovely resources.


Maths: - opened up free access for parents

English: – opened up free access for parents - opened up free access for parents

Computing: - opened up free access for parents


White post farm have daily video updates of Spring. Lambs being born and chicks growing.