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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’


Check out our WOW Writing of the Week!

What’s going on with WRITING?


Here at John Clifford, we believe that writing is one of the most important things we teach.  In fact, improving our writing is school priority number one !  This means that we have been paying extra careful attention to how we plan and teach our English lessons so that the quality of writing improves.


We believe that all good writing needs time and preparation.  All writers, whether they are creating a story, a poem, a report or even a song will go through a process of planning, writing and editing their work.  You would have to be a genius to sit down to a blank sheet of paper and produce a final draft straight off! 


Over the course of a week, or maybe two, our English lessons include reading and researching time, the creation of word banks, planning and structuring time and independent writing.  There is then a very important further lesson for appraising, editing and revising work.  Sometimes there is even a final part of the process, known to us as publishing, where pupils focus on their handwriting and presentation skills. 


There are all kinds of ways in which the children are being encouraged with their writing.  In Key Stage 2, we choose Wow Writers each week.  These pupils are invited to present their best writing in assembly, and to read some of it out.  Their wow writing is then framed and displayed on the wall, before going in a special album which showcases our best work. 


There are so many aspects to successful writing. And that is why we continue to use the Rainbow Grammar approach to help children understand how sentences are structured.  We teach spelling and handwriting throughout the school, and of course we are fortunate enough to have our own library of wonderful books to inspire children. 


Many pupils find English lessons, particularly writing, one of the more challenging subjects.  But this is where our tuition team can help: we have specialist teachers who work with smaller groups of pupils across the school.  All of our teachers are passionate about writing, some have even been known to write and share their own stories, poems and songs with the school!


So next time you visit John Clifford, why not take a look at some of our writing?  We would be happy to explain more about the writing process, and how we teach it.  Our writing is displayed all around the school, and our Wow Writing book is proudly on show in Reception for visitors to view.