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John Clifford Primary & Nursery School ‘Be your best. Celebrate success. Together we will be successful.’

Year 3

smileyWelcome to Year 3smiley

A very warm welcome from all of the Year 3 team.


Meet The Team

Mr Hayward-Mitchell & Ms. Bamford - Meerkats Class Teachers

Mrs Pacey & Mrs Argent - Raccoon Class Teachers

Mrs Bailey - Teaching Assistant

Miss Adcock - Teaching Assistant




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            What are we learning this year?


Please see below our Long Term Plan for Year 3 which outlines our upcoming projects and curriculum aims for the year 2019-2020. The children will also take part in regular Outdoor Learning lessons with Mrs Mitchell throughout the year, focusing on Outdoor Adventurous Activities as well as life long skills. 

                    Dates for your Diary





                      Homework in Year 3


As the children move into Key Stage Two, they will be set some homework tasks similar to those received in Year 2. Each child will be issued with a homework book which will be kept inside their homework folders. We ask that these are returned each week so that we can support children with their work and set new tasks. 


                                     Please find attached the homework grid for Autumn 2 below.               


Picture 1

        What are we learning this half term?


Our topic for the first half term is based upon changes and looking after ourselves, both physically and mentally. Please take a look at our weekly breakdown. 



YR3 Trip to Creswell Crags

On Friday three intrepid tribes (Reindeer, Cave Hyenas and Grey Wolf) were sent back in time to the Stone Age! We visited the Robin Hood Cave, wearing our mining helmets, to meet Homer one of the the Homo Sapiens and Ned the Neanderthal, as well as finding stalactites and stalagmites. The children had the opportunity to handle a real flint tool from over 5,000 years ago!! We were also fearless as we switched off all our lights to see what it was like in the dark and listened to the sounds of the cave.


Survival training included shelter building using sticks, ropes, leather and deer skin, fire building and spear throwing to keep off the hungry hyenas. This was a very competitive activity with everyone keen to hit the target (apparently Joey's mum was the champion spear thrower.) We also looked out for animal activity, finding footprints and a large pile of horse poo which we almost brought back to camp as after drying it would make good fuel for the fire. Most of the children thought that they would have been able to survive in the Stone Age (but for how long!)


The third activity was based inside the visitors centre and included looking at a 40,000 year old mastodon tooth, investigating the museum and then we had to don white gloves to put together the skeletons of a cave lion, hyena and a wolf. Who knew they had so many bones!


We had a wonderful day and we were very proud of the knowledge the children had retained from their learning at school, as they were able to share it with the tribe leaders. As always, it was a pleasure to take our children out of school as they were well behaved and polite, and a big thank you to all staff and parents for their help and support

Learning in Maths

Addition and Subtraction

Our learning this week has been about using concrete and pictorial methods to add and subtract three digit and one digit number without crossing ten.


For example:  213 + 5 = or 759 - 5 = 


Here are a few examples of our work.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Fruity Figures


We started the year by looking at healthy bodies and healthy minds. We designed and created these fruity characters using a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables some of which we had never seen or eaten before. We learnt the names of the different foods and thought about how we could join them together to make funny faces.

Our Worry Dolls

We have been talking about our worries as we made the transisition into year three. We read the book The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside and talked about who we can we share our worries with. We also read the book Silly Billy by Anthony Browne which demonstrates how in Guatemala people make their own tiny worry dolls to tell all their worries to. They put them under their pillows at night and the worry doll takes care of all your worries for you. 

We made our own versions of worry dolls and we have taken them home to talk to and keep under our pillows if we want to. 


                 Meet the Teacher - 11.9.19


If you were unable to attend our Meet the Teacher evening, or would like to refresh yourselves on some key information, please find the presentation attached for your reference.

                                  Our Topic



Our topic during this half term is called 'Would we survive the Stone Age.' With this History led topic, we will be learning about the historical timeline of the Stone Age, through to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We will be producing lots of cross-curricular writing and reading a range of exciting texts, both fiction and non-fiction, about these important times in history.


We have lots of texts in the classroom to support this topic. It would be great for you to share some of these at Parent/Carer Reading Mornings each Thursday from 8.50-9.05am.



                                  This Week in Maths



During weeks 8-10, we will be focusing on our developing understanding of addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to add and subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones; a three-digit number and tens; a three digit number and hundreds.


We also learn how to solve problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value, and more complex addition and subtraction.


Practise these skills at home by clicking on the link and playing the addition and subtraction game below:


                             This Week in English




During weeks 8, we will be learning to use the skills of recount writing to write our own recounts about our fun 'Stone Age Day'. We will be using a range of vocabulary, sentence starters and grammar to ensure that our recounts 'POP!'


                                                                       Weekly Routines




PE will be every Monday and Tuesday. The children will also be taking part in daily exercise both inside and outside. Please can you ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school all week. PE kit includes a plain white or white JC t-shirt, black shorts/joggers and trainers. Please send socks if your child is wearing tights. Children will need to have earrings removed for PE lessons. 


Water Bottles

Water is available to the children throughout the day in the classroom. Please provide them with a named water bottle. These will be sent home daily. 


Communication Diaries

Your child has been issued with a Communication Dairy. We ask that all children read at least three times a week at home and have their diary signed by an adult at home. If you have any questions or queries, please use the diary and ask your child to let us know that there is a message for us. 



Each half term, your child will be sent home with a 'Homework Grid' sheet. Our expectation is that the children complete the grey boxes weekly, and choose one other piece of homework each week as an optional piece of work. Children may bring in any completed homework at any point throughout the term. 


Parent/Carer Reading Morning

We would like to invite you to our Parent/Carer Reading Morning each Thursday from 8.50-9.05am in your child's classroom. This is a great opportunity to share a book with the children and also have a look at the learning that we are doing too. 



Just a reminder that toys should not be brought into school. 



The Year 3 classrooms are fully equipped with the stationery that the children will need. We encourage children not to bring anything to school that is valuable to them, as we cannot account for things going missing. 


You have all been given your Time Tables Rock Stars login.


Make sure that you log on using lowercase letters!

There is a leader board on your maths wall to show who has collected the most coins this week!

Good luck Rock Stars!


Homework Links:

Year 3 National Curriculum

Useful websites to practise your maths skills: